Dragon Blood. Summer Elf. Orange Juice.

Conscious Designer, Experimental Psychologist, & Creative Director working in the delta of Conscious Design, Neuroaesthetics, Wellbeing, & Phenomenology.


My background is in Architecture, Psychology, and Neuroaesthetics. As an emerging Conscious Designer, strategic storytelling has been the cornerstone of my professional journey. I create cogent and creative narratives for ideas and aspirations to turn them into actionable ventures and projects that can catalyse social impact, grow communities, as well as evolve into systems change.

I have been on both sides of the Person-Place dialogue. As an Architect and Spatial Designer, I inform and support design-decisions through user experience + impact research in Psychology and Neuroscience. As a researcher, I scientifically investigate psychosocial phenomena at the intersection of people, spaces, and urban systems. And as a Creative Director and Entrepreneur, I am leading three very unique Design start-ups driving the Conscious Cities Movement - Hume (Science-informed Design Consultancy; UK/Israel), The CCD (Grassroots organisation advancing the movement), and Conscious Design Kalpa (Post-disciplinary Design Think-and-Do Tank; India).

I thrive as a bridge - connecting Psychology and Architecture across ideas, aspirations, research, design practice, and cultural transformation of citybuilding and placemaking systems.