Dragon Blood. Summer Elf. Orange Juice.

I'm an Architect and Experimental Psychologist working at the delta of Conscious Design, Neuroaesthetics, and Urban Wellbeing.


I practice Conscious Design - a system for cross-disciplinary and co-creative decision-making to build sustainable architecture and products. I create actionable insights from Psychology and Neuroscience to help architects and placemakers effectively practice social, creative, and ecological sustainability.

I thrive as a bridge - connecting Psychology and Architecture across ideas, aspirations, research, design practice, and cultural transformation of city-building and placemaking systems.

I have been on both sides of the Person-Place dialogue. As a ResearchOps consultant, I help businesses and organisations grow by dissolving disciplinary boundaries into opportunities for connecting people, places, and phenomena. And as a Creative Director and Entrepreneur, I have driven three very unique Design start-ups towards the Conscious Cities Movement - Hume (Science-informed Design Consultancy; UK/Israel), The CCD (Grassroots organisation advancing the movement), and Conscious Design Kalpa (Post-disciplinary Design Think-and-Do Tank; India).