Empirical Explorations

Research papers, and essays from my entanglement with Phenomenology, Neuroaesthetics, Theory of Architecture, Design Thinking, & Design Pedagogy.

Form, Function, and Feeling: Investigating the Aesthetic Experience of Spatial Volume, Contours, & Symmetry in Architecture
MSc. Neuroaesthetics Thesis

Phenomena Potential: Towards a Practical Neurophenomenology of Architecture and Urban Design
Presented + Published at Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture Conference 2020

Designing for an Aging Society: Neuro-generative Environements that Foster Creativity, Promote Positivity and Reduce Stress
Presented + Published at Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture Conference 2020

Neurogenesis: How Neuroscience can Drive Creative Approaches to Designing for Aging
To be Presented at Environments for Ageing Expo and Conference. August 2021

Sensing the Sacred in Self and Space:
A Multidisciplinary approach to Space Perception and Theory of Architecture

Descent into the Maelstrom:
Creativity in the Mental-Corporeal-Digital Whirlpool of Design

'Teaching Parallax'
A Pedagogy beyond Binaries in Architecture

Is There Anybody Out There? Anonymity and Aesthetic Emotions in Music and Architecture

'Self-o-Scope': Why We Need to Look Within before we peep out of our Skin

Dialectic Dialogue at Daedalus
A Short Play

An Evening At The Rabbit Hole
A Short Play

Andreas Huyssen’s ‘Voids of Berlin’
A Review

Sane Hatter’s Matter :
The stage, the script, and the self in 21st century Rabbit Hole

'Perfection in Absentia':
The Most Authentic Inheritance
An Essay

'Pigeon Theory': Through the Doors of Perception

Context is Dead!
Towards Intersecting Parallels

Ethos Of An Atrophied Time
An Essay on Spatial Affordances in the Town of Mattancherry, Kochin, India.

Language Of The Unconscious:
Psychodynamic Therapy and Research Centre
B.Arch Design Thesis

Remember the (space)time?
Mapping Activity with CogWorks, Bengaluru