Empirical Explorations

Context is Dead! Towards Intersecting The Parallels

A few cosmic secrets realized;

Took Stories and characters to convey.

When cursory translations leave and

Mindful reading is underway,

Myth becomes the messenger

of a forgotten higher truth, in relay.

The intent behind an exploration that borders on theosophical findings is to highlight the similarities between the dividends of ‘intellectual content of mankind’ - the West and East. Such synthesis questions the need for bifurcating something as universal as ‘architectural thought’ that is accessible to every individual, courtesy ‘the collective unconscious’.

Keywords: Myth, THANIMA, Yoga, Context, Science

Narayana, A., 2017, Context is Dead! Towards Intersecting Parallels, pages 128-135, Proceedings of Thanima 02 - International Conference of Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India.

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