Empirical Explorations

Dialectic Dialogue at Daedalus

When a philosopher, an Architect and a Lawyer meet by chance

A chance encounter is subtly facilitated by a middle aged man named Daedalus, who works at a “read as you borrow and buy’ book-store also named ‘Daedalus’. A gifted but edgy, introverted architect finds himself arguing about ‘the individualism rampant in this generation’ with an exceedingly curious but composed philosopher. Later on, a prolific and flamboyant lawyer joins the conversation and the discussion delves into the notion of ‘justice’ and ‘ethics’.

Narayana, A., 2017, Dialectic Dialogue at Daedalus, page 166-175, Epilogue for Maharashtra National Law University - Limited Architectural Design Competition Brief, Nagpur, India.