Empirical Explorations

Descent into the Maelstrom: Creativity in the mental-corporeal-digital Whirlpool

Are zeros and one in flesh and bone

Living just for the pattern’s sake?

Turned online with a wand to own?

Or outside alive; with a soul to ache?

This paper explores the nature of ‘creativity’ through the lenses of Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology to arrive at a holistic understanding of its relevance to Architects as ‘creators’. A Critical analysis of creativity as a personality trait, a process or a by-product of the cultural environment has helped us comprehend the scope of pedagogical interventions in Design.

Keywords: Creativity, Computation, Architecture Theory, Pedagogy

Narayana, A. and Gurumoorthy, A., 2018, Descent into the Maelstrom - Creativity in the Mental-corporeal-digital whirlpool of Architecture, pages 145-153, In: Paradox to Paradigm: Architecture in the Age of Network Society. Nagpur: Women’s Education Society. ISBN 978-93-80985-18-3

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