{Post}disciplinary Think-and-Do Tank

Conscious Design Kalpa is an postdisciplinary think-and-do tank engaging with Design Ecosystems through mixed-methods research, impact assessment, community engagement, architectural services, interaction design, and art.

Our work connects People, Phenomena, and Place. We foster enactive awareness to shape inclusive intent through empathic and responsive design.

Our vision is to catalyse, collaborate, and co-create ways to evoke, empower, and evolve communities through Conscious Design.

Conscious Design Community and Network of Collaborators in India since 2019

Neuroaesthetics & Urban Phenomena

Creative explorations at the intersection of Neuroaesthetics, Multimedia Design, and Community Building through Artistic Engagements.

Platform for Urban Dialogues

Multidisciplinary dialogues, debates, talks, and community engagement towards Inclusion and Holistic Wellbeing in Indian Cities starting with Bengaluru.

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Cross-disciplinary Research

Our research collaborations and projects with other Think-Tanks and Research Institutes.

Ongoing research Collaboration with National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroSciences, Bengaluru (NIMHANS). Sneak Peak.