Hume & Human Metrics Lab

We are a science-informed architecture and urban design practice backed by our Human Metrics Lab. We employ a unique methodology for working with clients from concept, design, through to post-occupancy. Our work is informed by an in-house group of researchers actively translating and implementing the science of human-space interaction into placemaking and city-making practices.

I became involved with Hume in its early days as an innovative and unique science-informed design practice. In June 2019, I started under the guidance of Natalia Olszewska and Itai Palti as ‘the bridge across the studio and lab’ Project Lead. In 2020-21, as the lab lead, I developed systems to support translation research in Psychology and Neuroscience applied to Spatial Design. Our methodology for Science informed design focused on strategic planning, design and user research for clients looking at reinventing built typologies like workplace, commercial, retail, and public space from a human-entered and community led approach.


Portland House


Mental Health Friendly Cities

Design for Neurogensis, HKS

Grand Central Berlin, Edge

Design for Connection, Cox

Saudi Post, EY Dubai

Unlearning Typologies

Situated Experiments for Deep Workers

Ecosystem for Playful Learning, PLLAN

It Takes a Village, Capita

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