'The Arboreal Ascent'; artwork created with Tuhin Choudhary.

'The Arboreal Ascent'; an artwork I designed in collaboration with Tuhin Choudhary.

'The Arboreal Ascent'; artwork created with Tuhin Choudhary.
'The Arboreal Ascent'; artwork created with Tuhin Choudhary.

Opportunities for Collaboration & Consultation

Architecture with Data & Lived Experience

I turn to Neurophenomenology for observing, measuring, and articulating the Experience and Impact of Built Space and Urban Systems.

I love to explore and learn new ways of connecting technology, design, and spatial phenomenology; and channelising my empathy and passion for wellbeing and resilience through actionable, scalable, and responsive design insights.

I have strong foundations in qualitative and quantitative research methods which I honed at Human Metrics Lab.

From developing service packages on translational research for Architects to managing the development of The CCD website and David (an app for science-informed design), I have also grown to understand design research and DevOps involved in product development.

From time to time, I contribute to History, Theory, and Philosophy of Architecture by writing scholarly articles, book chapters, and doing editorial work at The CCD. In my writings and research, I cross-pollinate Psychology, Neuroaesthetics, Behavioural Economics, Anthropology, Data Science, Design Theory, and Pedagogy.

Researchers and Designers

Conscious Design emerges from constant dialogue and Community Engagement. As a creative process, Conscious Design thrives in broad strokes just as vibrantly as it grows through systematic inquiries and deep discourse.

I have been creating learning programmes that push the boundaries of traditional design thinking through translation research. My workshops and modules focus on co-creative and co-design activities for students from different backgrounds.

My fervour for synthesising abstract ideas, data, and multimedia content into cohesive narratives shapes my collaborations with Artists and Socio-urban activists looking to evoke situated consciousness. I'm open to freelance work related to creative direction, curation, copywriting, and content curation.

I am also open to consultations for designing project and culture specific stakeholder and community engagement programmes and workshops especially in the turfs of Urban/Spatial practices and Human-centered design.

Creative Practices and Pedagogy

As an avid public speaker and more importantly, an active listener, I strive to engage with aspiring and practicing Conscious Designers.

Currently, I'm leading the curation and design for Conscious Cities Festival with a special interest in the UN SDGs, understanding principles, and processes that can drive the future of ecological, social, and creative sustainability in the Building and Construction Industry.

The Conscious Cities movement is helping me build a community of like-minded individuals and organisations engaging in the city-building and placemaking sector.

In life, I hope to collate and spark advancements in the paradigm of person-place interaction to evolve experience-enriched and empathic design geared towards holistic wellbeing and community resilience.